Feng Shui Home Features to Emphasize When Selling

Staging to sell your home can be more than just making your home look beautiful. To some buyers, it is also important that your home shows good Feng Shui. Here are some ways to help emphasize the feng shui features of your home to attract and appeal to even more potential buyers.

Front Entry     While you may not be able to change the lucky direction your front door faces, you can appeal to Feng Shui in other ways. A strong front door- in size and prominence- is important for attracting positive energy (or Sheng Chi). Sometimes simply changing the landscaping can help accomplish this (just be sure no trees or poles point towards the front door so there is no interference with the positive energy). Ideally, the front door would not directly align with the back door so as to prevent loss of good energy.subpage-background-4

Furniture Placement     Each room in your house has specific Feng Shui rules. In general, furniture in the living spaces should be placed to promote conversation but also have a clear path to flow through a room. A mix of shapes and varied textures when decorating will bring balance, and try to decorate in pairs to promote love and nurturing. In bedrooms, the bed should not be directly facing the door and the head of the bed should be against the farthest wall.

Solana Beach

Solana Beach

Kitchen     According to feng shui, the kitchen is the most important room in the home. Ideally, it is not too close to the front or back door. An organized kitchen promotes good health and positive energy (Sheng Chi). Overall, your kitchen should be light, bright, and happy. There should be minimal knickknacks and something living (a plant, flowers, bowl of fruit) present to attract positive energy.

Light         Maximize ambient light and minimize spot lighting, as you want the energy to flow throughout and not be concentrated in one area. Use of sheers over windows with less than ideal views, and use of mirrors to reflect light and pleasant spaces can also be effective.

As a general rule, de-cluttering serves to remove anything that can hold or store negative energy in the home. Homes that take a minimal approach maximize space and flow, but it should still feel calm and inviting. This is true for any house for sale, but a house with good feng shui will leave more potential buyers feeling your home’s positive energy.

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