Ideas For Making Memories In Your Home

RBH_American_FlagAs we take some time this Memorial Day to reflect on and honor the courage and sacrifices our fallen soldiers have made so that we can have the freedom to live, it is also a good reminder about the importance of creating memories in our own lives. We can honor the life we love and the ones we love in a home we love with these fun and simple ideas for making memories in your home. After all, home is where the heart is.

Plant a tree  Not only is planting a tree good for the environment, but planting a younger sapling and watching it grow over the years is a great way to measure time and growth. You can dedicate the tree to someone special, or take annual pictures next to the tree to track its progress (and yours).

Measure height in doorways  It is often hard to remember how small children once were. One great idea is to dedicate a doorway to tracking the height of each child as they grow. Mark the height, name, and date annually. You can even take pictures for a memory book.

Create a gallery wall  Dedicating one wall to showcase art, photos, and other memories is a great way to display your favorites without feeling overrun by them. This can be a great place to hang school photos and vacation pictures, and children’s art. You can take picture of the art and hang those photos instead, or use a shadow box to display multiple items.

Make an annual yearbook  With the advent of digital photography is can be easy to take thousands of pictures each year and never develop a single one. Commit to making a family “year book” each year with highlights of each family member’s accomplishments. These also make great holiday gifts for grandparents and other important people in your lives. Keep these in a family library area or dedicated shelf for all to see.

Have a “together” area where the family can hang out  In many homes today, this is the kitchen. But in some homes it is the connecting family room or dining room area. Wherever it is in your house, make sure you have a comfortable space where the family can sit together, interact, and share good, quality time. This can be spent playing board games, watching movies, sharing stories, and eating comfort foods. And make sure to dedicate some of the time spent in this space to being “device free” so people can really connect.

What other uses of space or traditions does your family have at home?

The moments you create and the loved ones with whom you create them are what gives a home heart and makes the memories sweet. Today we remember that there is no place like home…and we extend our thanks and gratitude to those who died fighting so that we can have the freedom and privilege to enjoy ours.

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