Brad Dette

Real Estate has always been a passion of mine. The thing I love the most about it is helping people win. Whether it is an investor who wants to make profit, a buyer looking for the right home or a seller that needs to get a home sold fast, I am all in!

I service MAINLY Southern California but if you are in a different state or hours and hours away, I can still help you! As Realtors, we are very well connected and in todays world people would rather take a referral from someone they know, like & trust versus having a random Realtor from the internet work with you. With that said, no matter where you are, I can help you. I will connect you with a quality Realtor that will best fit your personality and your needs!

Having served 6 years as a Navy Corpsman & now being a Veteran myself, I am very up to date with Military/ Veteran perks of utilizing the VA benefits. Theres so many great things to consider when using your VA home loan that most are unaware of. If you are a veteran or active duty, I would love to be able to connect with you and share some examples of how people I know are  utilizing there VA home loan and other VA benefits.

If you have never served in the military, no problem! I work with clients all the time that do not have VA benefits and I’m able to help them just as much. Again, theres so many things in the Real Estate world that most are just unaware of but thats why having an experienced agent can help you win! Did you know that even if you are not using a VA home loan you can still get a type of loan that offers 0% down! Crazy, right!? Lets touch base & I can share with you some insider secrets!

Whatever your Real Estate needs are, I would be extremely grateful to be able to serve you. My clients get first class service from me. If you are in need of a Realtor or simply have questions, please feel free to reach out anytime! I’m 24/7.