RB HALEY works with real estate investors who are seeking Fix & Flip and Buy & Hold properties. We also specialize in finding & managing Vacation Rentals. Contact Libby to discuss your specific investment objectives.

Libby and team work closely with real estate investors all across San Diego County.  Whether you're looking for a fix & flip, a long-term buy & hold, or a beautiful vacation home R.B. HALEY can assist. We even manage the day-to-day vacation rentals to help you achieve the greatest possible return on your capital spend.

Before & After

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Deal Financials

Before you take the plunge and invest, contact Libby for real examples of the deals and cash flow kicked off by previous investment properties.

Vacation Rentals

Surf & Turf Del Mar Beach Club (see VRBO listing)
Surf & Turf Del Mar Beach Club #2 (see VRBO listing)
Sand, Sun, and Seascape (see VRBO listing)